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Ella, neck pain

"I sought treatment for neck and elbow pain. After just the first session, it felt like the lights had come on, and my thinking became clearer - it was an amazing feeling! It seemed like I gained an extra 5cm in height, and standing with good posture became easy - something in my spine straightened right away. Kimmo knows his stuff and knows what he's doing, so there was no need to be anxious. After a series of effective treatments, the pain is now a thing of the past 🙌. I highly recommend it with satisfaction; I wish I had realized earlier to come here with my troubles."


Aino, "text neck"

"The daily stiffness and twitching in my neck, due to its being stuck, stopped immediately after the visit, and the pressure sensation in my entire back eased, making breathing return to normal. The visit was relaxed, and Kimmo's incredible professionalism was evident in his work. Thanks again, Kimmo!"


Ewe, tinnitus

"The doctor couldn't treat my suddenly started tinnitus, and based on a relative's recommendation, I sought Kimmo's care. To my surprise, during the first treatment sessions, the anxiety symptoms I had suffered from for years, such as palpitations and shortness of breath, disappeared. Also, vision disturbances, heartburn, and Tietzen syndrome are a thing of the past. After the series of treatments, the tinnitus stopped. I hadn't connected my symptoms to chronic tension in the neck-shoulder area and thoracic spine. Strongly recommended for anyone suffering from the aforementioned vague symptoms!"

refluksi närästys

Anu, headache

"First time at the chiropractor. A big thank you to Kimmo for the professional treatment. After just the first session, I felt much lighter, and the headache was gone 😊. I recommend it!"


Mike, disc herniation

"The treatment is professional and caring. When I tell Kimmo what's bothering me, he knows exactly what to do, and he has always been helpful. I sit a lot due to my job, and my lower back has been under strain. Thanks to the treatment, I've found relief. I also had a herniated disc in my neck, and while doctors prescribed medications, Kimmo provided treatment, and my recovery began, and it improved after every session. Nowadays, I go regularly. I recommend it to everyone, even if you don't have any complaints!"


Marika, knee and hip pain

"I visited chiropractor Kimmo Wahrman due to a tight pelvic area and tight, painful knees. He immediately knew the cause of my problems. Previously, I had been to a physiotherapist without getting relief for my issues. Many things in my body now feel much better after the treatments. I also received excellent stretching instructions to keep my joints in good condition, so that my walks feel comfortable again. I highly recommend Kimmo; he is a seasoned professional, and his help is effective for various conditions."

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