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Kimmo Wahrman D.C

Doctor of chiropractic, Physiotherapist and

Chiropractor, Fuengirola, Mijas

Member of the association of the Andalusian physioterapists

number 12347

Colegio profesional de fisioterapeutas de Andalucía

I am a chiropractor and physiotherapist and have worked in Finland for 30 years. Now I moved with my wife, dogs and horse to the sunny coast. 


After my physiotherapy studies, I went to university in England to study chiropractic.(

I enjoy treating clients of all ages, from elite athletes to couch potatoes. I strive to find an optimal treatment plan for everyone, from acute pain management to holistic health. 

The most common symptoms treated by a chiropractor are back pain, neck pain and headaches. Sports injuries, numbness, hip, knee, elbow and shoulder problems are also common.


Chiropractic treatment also has a positive effect on, for example, the length and accuracy of the golf swing. When the spine rotates painlessly and properly, playing is more pleasant.


Treating health is much easier and cheaper than treating illness.

Often, my patients who come to treat back pain are surprised by how breathing, reflux problems, dizziness or even heart rhythm disturbances (for which there is no reason found) have eased, while the posture and function of the spine and nervous system have improved.

Welcome to my clinic at the Cerrado del Aquila golf resort, Mijas, Andalucia, Spain.

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